Are you looking for extra money while keeping your free time?

On Taskhunters there are companies looking to hire for university students for paid short term jobs. Some of them can be done even from home!

Work you can do on Taskhunters for business

Office Help

Customer Support, Data Entry, Administrative Assistant, Online Research


Packing and Order Preparation, Inventory, Labelling, Delivery

Product Development

Product/Software Testing, Focus Group, Surveys

Events and PR

Hostess, Event Organization, Waiting Staff, Guest Services, Brand Ambassador


The platform is built to make the process of requesting and assigning the task in a simple, fluid and fast way.

Build your profile

Enter the information to introduce yourself to the companies around you.

Receive job offers and apply

Depending on the parameters you set, you will start to receive invitations from the companies to perform the tasks.

Get paid immediately

Once the company checks that you have completed the task, you will immediately receive the payment for your work.

Security and Trust

Taskhunters for business was designed to be a platform based on security and trust, from user registration to task payment.

No registration fee
Secure payment

The platform allows you to receive payments online and securely.

Tax regulation

The platform automatically creates the documentation to regulate the relationship between the company and the student.

Dedicated insurance

Every student is covered by a third-party liability insurance, as well as a personal accident insurance for the entire duration of the task.